•  Superior Diagnostic Imaging Centre (SUDIC) with EIN #98-1425545, is registered in the State of Illinois as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization that provides cancer education, screening, and treatment services to the poor, especially women and children affected by cancer.

The overarching goal of Superior Diagnostic Imaging Centre is the reduction in premature deaths from cancer. SUDIC through education works to eliminate stigma and dispel damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer by bringing the benefits of effective interventions to as many people as possible, especially those in the poor communities in Illinois and Ghana. SUDIC focuses on cancer screening, early detection, and treatment to reduce the risk and burden of morbidity, disability, and mortality. 

  •  Please consider donating to enable us to provide cancer services to the needy. Your donations will give the most vulnerable patients, families and children access to better healthcare. Your donations are tax-deductible.


Our mission is to provide access to early cancer screening, treatment, and support services to women and children in the society, especially in the developing countries where they are most vulnerable. 



Reduce and prevent cancer deaths in Ghana.

Our Core Values

Patient’s Safety: We are committed to protecting patient’s safety and privacy at all times.

Excellence: We strive for excellence by learning and improving our skills, services and programs.

Teamwork: We believe that we can succeed, only by working together.

Integrity: We commit ourselves to an uncompromising code of ethics.

Our Goals

  • Reduce cancer-related deaths, especially among women in Ghana.
  • Help improve infant and maternal health through the provision of medical equipment.
  • To undertake public education on good health and cancer, especially for the rural communities.
  • Build a cancer treatment center in Accra after the fifth year.
  • Improve access to quality healthcare for Ghanaians.
  • Ensure a good turnaround time of test result to reduce patient’s anxiety.


Help Us Deliver Health and Hope


We need your support

As part of our mission, Superior Diagnostic provides services to the needy in our society. We achieve this through our dedicated staff, partners around the world and generous donors. Your gift will give the most vulnerable patients, families and children access to healthcare and access to hope.