SUDIC offers two services under Cytology: Gynecological Cytology (Pap Smear) and Non Gynecological Cytology.

Under Gynecological Cytology, we offer the services below:

  • ThinPrep Imaging System for pap smear. This is a service that is not currently patronized by hospitals in Ghana yet. SUDIC is bringing in the most advanced and efficient way of screening with ThinPrep Imaging System.
  • Surepath: This service is a liquid-based pap test.


Under Non Gynecological Cytology, we offer the following:

  • Fine Needle Aspiration (Biopsy). This is performed on  breast, liver, pancreas and other external marsh/soft tissue.
  • Washing / Lavages: bladder washing (cancer of the bladder), gastric washing (stomach cancer) and pelvic washing (cancer in the pelvic area)
  • Fluids: peritoneal fluid, acidic fluid, knee fluid, CSF