fine quality of Secondary education and learning and progress of children

make certain equivalent usage of top notch secondary education and learning, the formation of an intellectually, bodily, spiritually designed and outstanding citizen

Focus on indicator: 1) the proportion of faculties that switched into the current content of education and learning over the expertise of NIS, in 2016 – one course; in 2017 – 2, 5, 7 classes; in 2018 – 3, six, 8, ten courses; in 2019 – four, nine, eleven, twelve courses; two) proportion of scholars with first-rate and great grades (high quality of education).

Duties: one. look Boosting the prestige for the profession of instructors as well as their high-quality. Actions are envisaged to fortify the requirements for academics. Self-education and self-improvement will get an integral component from the things to do from the teacher, can be mirrored inside pedagogical portfolio. The requirements for your volume of lecturers ‘ qualification may be revised to be able to create conditions for acquiring the primary and optimum categories. Refresher courses is going to be conducted according to the tutorial systems accredited through the licensed whole body around the area of training, such as the use of length technologies, considering 2019. To investigate the quality of instruction classes, including to ascertain their usefulness in 2016, a monitoring analyze may be performed to evaluate the success of training classes for teachers. As 2019, the difficulty of training and transition to impartial certification of instructing team would be worked out. On a yearly basis, 20% from the heads of secondary schooling organizations will undergo enhanced exercise classes around the industry of management. Kazakhstan instructors will take part inside TALIS research, the final results of which is able to cultivate tips for your advancement on the qualitative composition of your teaching corps from the region. The skilled professional commonplace belonging to the instructor will probably be introduced additionally, the mechanisms of admission to pedagogical specialties are going to be revised. Getting under consideration the transition towards up-to-date training, the articles of educational programs of universities will likely be modernized. From 2017 to 2018, 15 important universities that train instructing team in 4 pedagogical specialties of healthy arithmetic will switch to English – language exercising while using enhancement of educational products, textbooks and training supplies in English for universities. While in the range of instructors for schools can be far more included experts having a diploma of “master of education”. High quality growth of college academics would be ongoing inside the framework of modernization of systems of stage courses of enhanced preparation.

2. Provision of infrastructure enhancement of secondary instruction. Building of schools instead of emergency, and even to the elimination of three-shift faculties shall be carried out not merely with the expenditure in the national and local budgets, and by way of PPP mechanisms. This will likely enable it to be doable to totally wipe out the incident charge and three-shift faculties by 2020. For the expense in the localized price range, schools will continue to get equipped with subject rooms. Informatization of school instruction will be implemented as piece within the even more introduction of data technologies in education and learning in the PPP mechanism. The amounts of college students can be equalized, whatever the area of home (metropolis or village), coupled with among instructors of all levels of instruction. Appreciably increase the speed of modernization belonging to the instructional approach. Give good results will proceed around the intercontinental integration on the schooling program using the implementation of OECD standards. By 2020, students from among selected classes of youngsters described with the laws with the Republic of Kazakhstan will undoubtedly be lined by completely free sizzling fortified meals. Help will likely be offered within an inclusive ecosystem for children with specialized academic preferences. The community of workplaces of psychological and pedagogical correction will develop from 137 models to 220 in 2019 and psychological, health related and pedagogical consultations-from 57 models to 85 in 2019. The organizations of secondary education and learning will operate psychological and pedagogical councils.

3. Updating the subject material of secondary education and learning. In 2016, the point out OF important secondary and Common secondary education is going to be accepted. The normal of current content material of schooling will totally focus within the ideal intercontinental undergo in the growth of the vast variety of expertise, the totality of which supplies functional literacy. Guidance software programs will involve STEM-elements (science) aimed at the development of recent technologies, scientific improvements, mathematical modeling. A unified methodological tactic could be produced to guarantee the continuity belonging to the articles and other content of textbooks in the amounts of schooling. The changeover to the up-to-date articles and other content of education and learning will be completed over a independent timetable. 12-year education and learning would be in accordance with the anticipated gains, which can assess the capabilities with the student, his achievements. The formulation on the envisioned effects will allow to objectively assess the academic achievements of scholars, to ascertain the person trajectory of improvement of each and every scholar, getting under consideration his specific talents, and even improve their determination for the enhancement of skill-sets in understanding, develop the quality of the tutorial system. The introduction of a 5-day university week in secondary faculties are worked out. Using under consideration the values belonging to the Nationwide Patriotic thought “Mangilik El”, educational software programs will be designed as outlined by the new point out academic standards of main and highschool. An elective system Kazakhstan identification will be developed and released around the instructional strategy of secondary faculties and universities. The transition to a criteria-based technique of analysis of scholars, lecturers and educational establishments will likely be completed in accordance while using the scheme of transition with the updated material of training. The tutorial coverage might be aimed at lowering regional disparities while in the quality of schooling. In 2017, as aspect of the planet Financial institution mortgage, the venture “Modernization of secondary education and learning in the Republic of Kazakhstan” will probably be introduced to assist the improvement of top notch and reduction of inequality in school education. The job delivers guidance for your changeover to 12-year schooling, including the advancement within the substance and specialized base of faculties, the event of needs for simple textbooks, multi-level examination within the outstanding of textbooks, exercise of experts while in the area of evaluation from the superior quality of textbooks, the introduction of checking and evaluation from the new articles and other content of secondary schooling for their compliance along with the amount of enhanced globe instructional devices. From the 2017-2018 tutorial yr, starting on the fifth quality, the gradual introduction of trilingual education shall be began. The event of trilingual instruction in Kazakhstan educational institutions shall be dependant on the go through of 33 experimental faculties for presented little ones, twenty NICHES and thirty Kazakh-Turkish lyceums. Domestic textbooks and instructing products on language disciplines should be produced in accordance with the Standard language traditional for instructing a few languages, that may be certain the achievement of a new high-quality of getting to know technologies, the development of modern academic, methodological and scientific-pedagogical base.

Foreign textbooks and educating supplies in English in four subjects (laptop science, physics, chemistry and biology) can be adapted for top faculty. The necessity for teaching team in educating four topics of EMC in English plus the introduction of trilingualism might be resolved by: one) graduates with the method “Bolashak” with the system of involvement in educating in academic establishments; two) targeted working out of instructors in universities and colleges; three) state-of-the-art training of school academics on methods of educating physics, chemistry, biology and Informatics in English; 4) scholar trade and volunteer courses. Educational, scientific and methodological assistance of trilingual schooling will likely to be performed in the framework of amendments and additions on the degree language training applications (Kazakh, Russian, English) for the foundation of CEFR (2016 – 2017). The pedagogical universities will give mechanisms for your introduction of NIS expertise to improve the standard of workout for the progression of academics ‘ language abilities and requirements for students to move IELTS not less than six.5 factors. The issue of organizing a summer season language school for students in grades 5-11 will likely to be worked out. From 2018, based on the capabilities of m & E, classes with English language education would be opened in a pilot mode. To solve the problems of ungraded colleges, function will go on over the organization of transportation of children to and from university home. Do the trick will keep going relating to the establishment of aid universities (resource centers). By 2020, their number might be increased to 200 models. The issues of providing distance mastering by using a broadband Internet connection additionally, the advancement of electronic material for remote faculties that do not have usage of the Internet will also be worked out.

All participants within the instructional course of action will be supplied with equivalent use of open academic resources and technologies, and circumstances for networking could be created. The educational institutions shall be equipped with specialized infrastructure in accordance using the basic typical by involving PPP. The student might be able to obtain a wide variety of digital academic resources from anywhere with Internet access. Every student will probably be able to ascertain the pace of mastering, not be tied with the time for the lesson and also the teacher by ensuring personalization within the discovering procedure. At least two topics from key university shall be taught using online resources. Within the framework of the globe Lender assignment on modernization of secondary schooling, benchmarks for testing academic achievements of schoolchildren are going to be established, national examinations and checking studies can be improved.

Textbooks and instructing products for youngsters with special educational needs could be established and adapted, along with textbooks and training elements in relief-point type for blind little ones (Braille) and enlarged type for visually impaired kids. Step-by-step will probably be executed to provide M & e particular academic institutions and lessons with textbooks and UMK with relief-point font for blind little ones (Braille) and enlarged font for visually impaired young boys and girls. So that they can greatly enhance the analysis process while in the framework belonging to the challenge on modernization of secondary education in cooperation while using the community Financial institution by 2020 would be: one) improved procedures for nationwide examinations and checking of instructional achievements of scholars; 2) improved assessment of instructional achievements of students; 3) introduced testing requirements; four) created a database of test items to test the techniques and talents of the extensive selection of competencies of scholars. Kazakhstan will carry on to participate in intercontinental groundwork TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA. With a purpose to maximize the current format of the UNT, the division belonging to the UNT procedure into the final certification at faculty and entrance examinations to the University may be offered, not to mention the expansion on the utilization of tests aimed at determining the ability to additionally preparation, the extent of logical thinking, English language ability, plus primary competencies (useful literacy). four. Formation of pupils ‘spiritual and moral values belonging to the Countrywide Patriotic strategy “Mangilik El” along with the culture of a healthy lifestyle. Education of highly moral citizens and patriots of their homeland will likely to be carried out using into consideration the values within the National Patriotic approach “Mangilik El”. The practical experience within the social job “Shanyrak” Geared toward Patriotic education and instilling nationwide and universal values would be broadcast. To form the competitive advantages for the particular in creative competence, continuing education and learning and competent self-determination, the articles and other content of additional schooling of kids during the main areas is going to be current: artistic and aesthetic, scientific and specialized, ecological and biological, tourist and local history, military-Patriotic, socio-pedagogical, instructional and health and others. Secondary education and learning shall be aimed at strengthening moral values, countrywide and cultural traditions and ensuring the continuity of generations, coupled with the development of a person capable of having responsibility for his or her Homeland. In terms of value training, the school will contribute into the implementation of nationwide ideas that consolidate the people of Kazakhstan, instilling Patriotic feelings and promoting education of open, friendly citizens belonging to the nation. All mandatory criteria and curricula will include components that contribute for the formation of spiritual, moral and intellectual qualities within the specific. The requirements of faculty supplies aimed toward popularization and promotion of Kazakhstan’s values, such as the publication of texts about the flyleaf of textbooks and school notebooks are going to be engineered and authorised. The tutorial program of professional enhancement of academics of additional schooling is going to be improved. The network of additional schooling businesses are engineered with the expense of funds within the localized spending plan and the introduction of PPP mechanisms. Until 2020 may be intensified by opening the objects with the model of additional education around the framework of PPP. In addition, the development of the network is planned thru: 1) planning inside the design of residential buildings over the 1st floor for the operation of children’s leisure centers; 2) provision of costless premises of faculties for the operation of children’s leisure centers. The community of faculty sports sections are going to be expanded at the expenditure of native budgets in the creation of a university sports League in every single organization of secondary education and learning. For you to make sure the availability of sports facilities for mass sports routines for kids from low-income and large families, orphans, boys and girls with deviant behavior, along with visits to cultural and sports companies, the provision of benefits (complimentary subscriptions) will likely to be provided (on the price of m & e, sponsors, patrons, etc.). The increase inside the number of clubs and sections in secondary educational institutions might be ensured, which is able to enhance the coverage of kids with additional education and learning to 70 percent. For this purpose parents is going to be involved in function in circles. Regular sports competitions is going to be held somewhere between the educational facilities. The do the trick of m & e will likely be strengthened to equip universities and institutions of additional training with new equipment of gyms. Will likely be intensified the work for the United children-youth organization (additionally – EDWAA) “Jas Ulan”, is divided into two aspect of “Jas Kyran” (7-9, grades 2-4) and “Zhas Ulan” (nine to 16 years, grades 5-9), to conduct a Patriotic, volunteer, civil functions by using TV, social advertising, movies, concerts, mass rallies, excursions and hikes. In 2016 – 2020, the Association of counselors and coordinators of “Zhas Ulan”WILL be established and run. Each and every year there will be activities of “Zhas Ulan” Around the development of financial resources while in the mode of fundraising (search and collection of funds for projects and software programs). Yearly, volunteers is going to be concerned between senior college students and learners to take part in the organization: one) meetings, seminars, trainings for counselors, EDWAA “Zhas Ulan” while using aim of boosting qualification and specialized capabilities; two) working out seminars and grasp lessons for activists of your youth movement ” school of leadership”; three) Republican leaders ‘ Forum “Enemys uly Eldin”. College students will likely to be included in social actions of charity, goodwill, social equality, inter-confessional and ethnic tolerance, etc., such as the utilization of media resources. Measures will undoubtedly be taken to produce a culture of nutrition amid schoolchildren, this includes from the promotion of balanced healthy nutrition and ensuring their consumption of purely natural and fresh products. 5. Enhancement of administration and monitoring of secondary training enhancement. Results-based financing shall be an integral portion of reforms in public expenditure administration in secondary training. By 2020 just about every school will complete the boards of Trustees established via the model pilot universities that are tested with the framework for the implementation of per capita financing. In 2019, the process of introducing per capita financing in all urban educational facilities could be completed over the basis of positive testing. Public hearings (open reports) will continue on online in front within the parent community considering the participation of representatives of m & e regions, cities of Astana and Almaty (4 times a yr) on the end of every tutorial quarter. Academic packages of leading-edge working out classes inside of the industry of management are going to be updated, having under consideration innovative forms of management, that may be trained annually by 20% belonging to the heads of General secondary instruction companies. Certification of faculties will probably be carried out to the foundation with the introduction of a plan of ranking of secondary education and learning companies in terms in the superior of services presented. Schools will be judged by conditions and descriptors (prerequisites), consisting of four concentrations: exemplary, advantageous, requiring advancement and low. If you want to motivate secondary education businesses to enhance the caliber of education and efficiency, the issues of creating a model of incentives for impressive educational facilities might be worked out. The management of school training will involve the Typical public in the growth of boards of Trustees in faculties. The college self-assessment procedure will likely be improved. By 2020, the effects of self-assessment also, the countrywide audit office could be the same in 40% of faculties. The work of m & e on placement of orphans and young boys and girls left without parental care in families (under guardianship, guardianship, patronage and adoption) will undoubtedly be activated. The proportion of orphans and youngsters left without parental care who are brought up in designated companies could be reduced by a set of measures for your transfer of children to families.