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Back in April I shared with my favourite way of obtaining a greasy stain from dark clothes. Click here to find the entire article — it’s essentially only a combination of Dawn dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. That article made me thinking about oily spots on matters such as carpeting or furniture which you wouldn’t use the Dawn approach. This ‘s when I stumbled on this article from iVillage indicating a very simple method to remove grease stains out of carpeting and needed to give it a go.

Each "laundry specialist " (ie. Anybody who does laundry) requires a great stain remover inside their laundry toolbox! Continue Reading.

Because I don’t now have some greasy stains in my carpet I chose to utilize a remnant parcel of carpeting and generate a couple stains that I believe could be quite typical in a great deal of families.

To cut through the dirt you’ll require salt and rubbing alcohol. I used 4 tbsp of salt and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. You want the mix for a glue instead of a liquid. Additionally, I included (not pictured) a few drops of Lemon essential oil because of this ‘s disinfecting properties and refreshing smell!

As soon as you combine together the salt and rubbing alcohol, then rub it in your carpeting in the path of the rest of carpet cleaner – hoover fh50150 the rug. Await the rug to dry and then vacuum up the extra salt. The drying process may take a little while so that you ‘ll need to be patient. Since I had been using a remnant parcel of carpeting I managed to place it out from the sun to hasten the process but it still took a great hour.

So the big questions will be. . .did it operate?? I’d say it had been fairly successful in soaking the dirt up. You’ll see from the following picture this mix worked best about the wheat germ. I’m supposing that’s since it had been directly dirt with nothing else blended in. If this was my true rug I might have attempted yet another round of bathing to have the dirt out entirely but I was pleasantly surprise at how well it worked first time around.

For another 3 places I would say this approach still piled up the dirt but only didn’t really remove the stains out of the other components in these products. There are still spots out of the pizza, salad dressing and peanut butter.

To get out the non-greasy sections of spots I highly suggest looking my wonder carpet stain remover! It’s my absolute favourite way to get rid of stubborn stains.

Perhaps you have discovered a hint you adore for obtaining grease stains from carpeting?

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